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Loam Roamer

Loam Roamer

I love building all manner of bikes.  However, true to the lifeblood of where I came from and what brought me to cycling in ernest was the mountain bike.  The Loam Roamer is the most current iteration of that idea.  I spent a vast majority of almost 20 years riding trails, evading ranger (sometimes not) and scurrying through the night with my friend all around southern Marin.  The camaraderie and friendships build while shredding Tam's singletrack or hiding in the bushes while spot beams passed over our heads are in the DNA of this bike.  Its about adventure, getting out there, possibly even getting to where you are bit (or possibly alot) out of your comfort zone, and of course summing it up with a beer and some laughs.    

The Loam Roamer can be configured in all sorts of ways.  The one pictured here is a 27.5 "regular" trail style bike.  Its my own custom blend of angles and dimensions as its my own personal bike, but what I can say is its fun, quick has a good amount of travel (I run it at 130 but could go up to 150 no problem) and it keeps a smile on my face ever time I ride it.  The most "standard" spec version of the Loam Roamer coming down the line is the 29/27.5+ version.  Expect to see images and full details around early sept 2017.  In the meantime, if you want to build your dream steel steed, never hesitate to call!  

Until then grab a friend and Go Ride Your Bike!