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Dirt Kan

The Dirt Kan is a long haul version of the Gravel Traveler.  More adventure, longer miles, this is your ticket to ride.

Dirt Kan

Inspired by my friend Justin, and Kansas bored cyclist, who for the reasons still unknown, knocks out the DK200 every year.  We decided a standard Gravel Traveler wasn't quite the right rig for the job.  A little stretch to the chain stay length, and little taller head tube, a tad more drop and a sprinkle more rake on the fork gave us a formula that was perfect for the long haul.  The bike is able to not only ride more stable and comfortably, but also has even more clearance than the already generous Gravel Traveler.  

Justin's particular version has a special set of custom features as well.  I custom designed and hand cut the lug set working off of the old Nervex Leggere design, while modifying the seat lug and bb shell from a pair of Richard Sach's famous SaxMax lugs.  Additionally, we ran a pair of Paragon Rocker Drops to allow Justin to run geared or single as well as lengthen or shorten the effective chain stay length depending upon his needed application.  The paint also was inspired by his dad's old 71' chevy pick up, and executed by the talented Ollie from Dark Matter Finishing right here in Colorado.  That orange though!