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Pricing and Options

Pricing and Options


The Basics:

As of November 1st, 2018 I have made things even easier and better for my beloved clients. I now just off 2 options. Option 1 is now a full custom tig welded set up with most any upgrades available. You still work off a model design, we just dial it in perfectly for you with whatever fanciness you’d like. Option 2 is now the “as quoted commission.” You want a fully stainless steel lugged frame with stainless lugs designed around a 26” gravel bikepacking geometry with all the fixin’s that’s gonna take up a quarter of by build year? Sure, I’ll build you that, but I hope you aren’t asking me about price and delivery time, cause the answer is gonna be “A lot!” (have an old whip in the garage you want to turn into cash, check out the "Trade Up" page here.)

When it comes to slinging parts on your new shred sled, I offer my clients the best pricing I can put together for you in a one stop complete setup.  It saves you countless hours of research as well as when you get your bike, its done!  Turn a few screws or drop it off at your favorite LBS and your up and rolling.  

Option 1: Full Custom Sweetness. $1800

  • Full custom geometry for you perfect fit.

  • Choice of axle standard.

    • Road or Gravel: 130mm or 135mm QR or 142x12 thru.

    • Mountain: 135mm QR, 142x12 thru or Boost thru. (plus bikes may require a Super Boost.)

  • 44mm or Tapered headtube.

  • 2 sets of bottle bosses.

  • Standard threaded Bottom Bracket: pretty much any threaded spec but typically 68mm or 73mm per bike design.

  • Brake options:

    • Road or Gravel: post mount, flat mount or caliper.

    • Mountain: post mount

  • Stealth Dropper compatibility.

  • 2 color colorway of either paint or powder with logo painted under clear for that super pro look.

  • Real silver 1/2 dollar brazed onto the frame. (I try to match requested mint years if I can, but these are not a dime a dozen so to speak, so I've got what I got and thats what we got!)

  • Additional bosses or rack mounts will be quoted as pairs.

  • Lugged and Brazed options are listed below.

Option 2: Commissioned Frames $As Quoted. (a rough starting point so far as been about $3500.)

A "commissioned" bike is something super unique!  I goes above and beyond anything of the above listed and pretty much is anything goes so long as I can mentally agree that I can make it.  They are special projects that really become a collaboration between the client and I in building that off the charts Dream Bike.  If you look at the sample of this work the represented "Dirt Kan" is a example of a commissioned bike.


Upgrades are a great way to add that little bit of bling or unique flavor or style to you bike that can really put your own feel into it, all the while not jamming up your purse strings.  Here are some of the options I offer, but feel free to ask if you don't see something you want.

  • Custom paint: I work with the best painters in the country and they are amazing. It is usually an as quoted item, but you can expect a second color and fancy paint work to tack on another $300. The sky is the limit though.

  • Forks: There are so many options via bike type so here is just a sampling of pricing for forks.

    • Road/CX/Gravel when purchased as a frame set $500 give or take a bit depending on fork choice. (expect to add $100 to that to match paint.)

    • Mountain suspension forks when purchased as a frame set $650. (remember this is just a sample there are so many suspension fork options, but this is a sample of a top end fork.)

    • Custom made steel fork to perfect your frameset $500.

  • Single Speed dropouts +$200-$350 including inserts

  • Plus Bike Yokes Paragon Machine Works or OakesMFG CNC'd type +$250-350.

  • Extra braze ons. This includes water bottle bosses, rack mounts, fender mounts, light mounts or pretty much anything else you want stucked onto you frame. +$100

  • Internal Routing +$150 per line.

  • Lugged Road Frame using stock lug designs +$500

  • Fillet Brazed Frame +$500

  • Custom Lugs Gimme a call to discuss.