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Terms And Conditions

The Warranty on your bicycle frame and/or components made by Olivetti Bicycles

Terms And Conditions

In other words, the warranty and fine print…

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The Lowdown!

Deposits and Build Queue:

All deposits are non-refundable and secure client's place in the build queue. Turn around on orders is dependent upon the customer's place in the build queue. Olivetti Bicycles is not responsible for longer wait times due to paint requests, component availability, supplier related delays, or job change orders or request. All complete builds require a 50% deposit on the build kit price.

Limited Warranty:

Olivetti Bicycles will repair or replace any bicycle frame and/or Olivetti Bicycle fabricated component(s) for the life time of the builder or so long as the bicycle frame and/or components aforementioned remain in the ownership of the original purchaser, at no fabrication cost to said owner. Each and any warranty case must be deemed a Warranty by Olivetti Bicycles owner or staff, and will be done so on a case by case basis. Incidents that can nullify cause for Warranty, but can be assessed for crash replacement or repair at a reasonable cost to the original purchaser include but are not limited to:

*Misuse, mishandling or abuse of bicycle frame or components and/or using bicycle and/or components outside their range of use determined by Olivetti Bicycles and the purchaser. (to be determined by Olivetti Bicycles staff or owner.) An example of such is using any particular model of bicycle outside its specified or agreed to designed use.

*Lack of proper care to the frame and/or components leading to rust, corrosion, excess ware and tear or abrasion and thusly premature failures in the structures. It is the owner's responsibility to treat or upkeep the frame and components, with a protective coating both inside and out to prevent premature issues.

*JRA. That’s right “Just Riding Along.” Rarely if ever has a bike just fallen apart or had a structural failure while just riding the bike. In every single case, I personally have seen of JRA, there are undermining factors, mostly the above mentioned, that caused any failures. When submitting your warranty, which will hopefully be never, please give all the details leading up to any “catastrophic” incident in which this JRA issue happened.

That said, Olivetti Bicycles stands behind it’s designs and manufacturing. If something is deemed to have failed on the merits of the manufacturing material or technique, Olivetti Bicycles will replace or repair your bicycle frame any/or component(s) at no cost to you beyond shipping and paint.