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Ordering a Bike

The processes involved in ordering and purchasing a custom bike from the Olivetti Bicycle Company.

The Process of Ordering.


My goal in building your custom bike is to create an experience around the whole process. While it might not be as quick as walking into a bike shop and rolling out the door, I offer a very unique and close working relationship with my clients. Below is a brief look into the process to give you an idea. If you have and questions never hesitate to call or email, I am always happy to chat.


Let's Chat!

So you want that bike you always try to find but just can't find, or you just want a sweet rig to shred on.  Let's talk about your ideal bike, how you'd like it to ride, and where you'd like it to take your or you take it.  



Design and Deposits

Once we have settled on a model or design concept, it time to plunk down your hard earned money for the $500 deposit on the frame.

With the deposit, we will then work towards a final design. 

If we are working on a complete bike, I will also send you an estimate for the build kit, and request for a 50% deposit on parts.


Build Queue and Timeline

With the final design in hand we are officially in the build queue.

Timeline - There are many things that effect the turn time for your frame. Generally, your deposit locks you into a spot in the lineup. However many people are ahead of you generally determines how long you will be waiting. Other variables can be, tube spec, parts spec, design change and of course paint… sweet sweet paint.

You might be hanging on by a thread, but I will let you know when you number is up and when I am ready to send it off to paint.


 Go Ride Your Bike!

The wait is over.  Your super fired up.  And now is the time!

I’ll send you your final invoice for any balances, ship you your new whip, or you can pick it up in person if you like, and you are off and rolling.