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Ordering a Bike

The processes involved in ordering and purchasing a custom bike from the Olivetti Bicycle Company.

The Process of Ordering.


Building your dream bike or next sweet whip is not done overnight, but can be a pretty rad experience.  Its not that often you get to help create something that bring so many smiles!  The following will give you a quick overview of what the process looks like.


Let's Chat!

So you want that bike you always try to find but just can't find, or you just want a sweet rig to shred on.  Shoot me a line and lets work over some ideas!  If you to talk bikes, I am always available.  Like a bike nerd hotline.  Though I do need to work, so I might to cut you off at some point. 

In any case, let's talk about your ideal bike, how you'd like it to ride, and where you'd like it to take your or you take it.  



The Deposit, Design and Getting a Move on!

We are a green light!  Sweet! Once you know you are ready to move forward, I will ask for a $500 deposit.  Once I have your hard earned cash, we'll hit the details, AND it will procure your place in the line up.  After I gather all the needed dimensions, your thoughts on ride feel and performance and other variables (industry standards, options and such), I'll get to designing your shred sled. 

Once we get everything dialed, I will have you sign off on the final design and if we are working on a complete bike ask for the 50% deposit for procuring your parts.  I do my absolute best to be super competitive on parts pricing.  Its a real jungle out there in the bike industry, and if I can get you what you need in a soup to nuts project, I do.


Build, Paint and Off to You.

At this point, I give you a ballpark lead time.  While not exact, I will be as forthcoming on timing as is humanly possible.  Being a bike nerd myself, I have been in the custom seat before and understand its a nail biter.  I'll keep you up to date and you can follow the progress on the various social media spot I'll assume you already scroll.

Once I'm done fabricating, its off to Powder or Paint. At this point, any balances are do and I get ready for the return of you frameset.  I work with the best folks in the business, so you know your bike's coming out super hot!!  

Finally, upon the frames return to me, I will do any finish work needed. If we are doing a complete build I will completely assemble the bike, make sure everything is working tip top, then carefully package it all and sent it your way.


 Go Ride Your Bike!

The wait is over.  Your super fired up.  And now is the time!

As I always say, "Go ride your bike!"