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Warranty & Liability

Warranty & Liability 

All my work is guaranteed to be structurally sound for the lifetime of the frame to the original owner.  Warranty issues are addressed on a per case basis and does not cover incidents (or damage created by incidents) of misuse, abuse, neglect, rock shots, regular ware and tear, rust or any other type of demise related to the owners handling of the frame.  If you take care of your bike it should take care of you, if you do otherwise, stuff can break and in that regard the Olivetti Bicycle Company or myself can not be held responsible for the mistreatment of your bike frame.  That said, I will always look at a potential warranty issue and see what we can do.  I don't believe is just throwing stuff out and starting over, unless its just the way you have to do it.  In that sense, I will try to repair, mend or fix any issue to the very best of my ability and get you riding again.  Warranty does not cover any repainting or shipping cost to and from my shop.

By riding a bike at all, you assume to responsibility and liability inherent in cycling, and thusly understand that injury, dismemberment and even death are always a possibility when riding your bike.  The Olivetti Bicycle Company and Peter Olivetti can not be held responsible or liable for the actions or situations that result in the injury, dismemberment or death of someone riding their bike or comes to named situations by virtue or using the bicycle equipment beyond is given means.