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The Shop

The inner workings of the Olivetti Bicycle Company.  Take a look at what's inside.

Where the "Magic" Happens.


The workshop is a simple space in Boulder Colorado.  While most of my building happens there, most of the design happens while I am out on my bikes.  Figuring what's working, what might not be as well, what are other folks doing/riding, how are people and myself riding and tons of other ideas and calculations happening.  

As to where more precisely the shop is, its up in Pine Brook Hills about a third the way up the nefarious Linden.  I tell anyone I meet, "if the light is on, I am working so feel free to drop in."  The tour of the shop takes pretty much no time at all, but people seem to really like seeing whats happen and what's involved in building bikes and as it happens a whole lot of thing to build bikes.  

Shoot me a line or drop on by, I am happy to show you around.